The Marion County Commission provides that central purchasing shall establish, maintain and operate a central purchasing office for the county.

Responsibilities of the purchasing office shall include the purchase, storage and distribution of supplies, materials, property, equipment and inventory pursuant to policies and procedures established by the county commission and in accordance with laws of the state.

The policy of the central purchasing office in the discharge of these duties will include, with the assistance of other departments and agencies, the establishment of reliable and reputable sources of supply, the fostering of competition, and good procurement practices consistent with timely accomplishment of its goals. All negotiations will be conducted on the highest level of business ethics.

All purchases must be made with the prior approval (sufficient appropriations) of the purchasing office. While establishing and maintaining satisfactory supplier relationships, the acceptance or solicitation of entertainment, loans gifts, or special considerations by any Marion County employee will net be permitted.

Purchasing Department Relationship

The relationship between the purchaser and the seller is one of mutuality. No contract that provides unsatisfactory to vendor can be regarded as totally satisfactory to the buyer. It is the responsibility of the purchasing department to establish a relationship of mutual confidence and satisfaction between the county and its suppliers.