Library Information

Our Vision:

As an essential community resource offering a variety of materials and services for information, enjoyment, and life-long learning, the Marion County Library is committed to excellence in programs and services and will guarantee residents access to information needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

 Our Mission:

The mission of the Marion County Library is to insure that all residents of Marion County have access to the library resources which meet their educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs. The Marion County Library impacts positively the quality of life in the community through continually improved library services and outreach.  

 Our Organization:

The Marion County Library is a county-wide system serving a population of 35,466 through the Marion headquarters library, branches in Mullins and Nichols, and a bookmobile. The library system is affiliated with county government and the Marion County Library Board of Trustees is comprised of 7 members, each representing a County Council District.  

 Our Facilities:

This county library system, headed by a professional librarian, is eligible to receive state aid. The Marion Library was established in 1898 and the present building, endowed by Andrew Carnegie, was built in 1905. The building was expanded in 1975 and totals approximately 5,000 square feet. The Marion, Mullins and Nichols libraries were incorporated into the present county-wide system in 1970. The Mullins Library facility was renovated in 1973 and the Nichols Library in 1974.  Our library was the first in the state of South Carolina to offer Bookmobile service beginning in 1913.


Marion County Library