About Marioncounty

 Marion County has quite a storied past and we are currently developing our future.  Coal production has remained healthy and stable and the oil and gas industry has been making substantial investments in the county and region. We are located in the north central region of West Virginia with a population of roughly 56,000.  Our voters have approved levies for our parks, public library and transit systems.  These levies allow a small percentage of their taxes to provide and maintain these three vital services to our community.

 Marion County Parks and Recreation operates two pools; the East Marion Wave Pool (Wave-Tek) and 12th Street Pool, a BMX Park (Poor Farm), a public lake (Curtisville Lake), 2 public youth fishing parks; Guyses Run and the new Poor Farm Youth Fishing Park,  a Skate Park, Mary Lou Retton Youth Park, which features 25 acres of sports facilities including 5 baseball fields, a football field, outdoor basketball court, playground and swing sets as well as full bathroom facilities.  MCPARC also maintains the Rail Trails, a disk golf course, as well as a youth soccer complex.  East Marion Park features tennis courts, horseshoes, an outdoor basketball court, softball field, and a mini golf course.  Information on all of these facilities and more can be found here:http://www.mcparc.com/ or call 304-363-7037.